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St. Louis Public Schools STEM Mentor Event

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BambinoMakerMaker Maker
By Craig Caesar, 03/03/2017 - 09:57

MakerMakers participated in a 3 day STEM mentor event at TechShop St. Louis this week.  MakerMakers’ founder Craig Caesar facilitated the three day session at TechShop St. Louis mentoring 5th graders from St. Louis Public Schools’ Farragut Elementary school. 

The students came into the event with a plan to renovate a vacant room repurposing it as a student lounge and study area.  Their teachers Heather Britton and Stephanie Merklin also contributed to the effort by helping the students refocus their previous discussions and observations about the room. 

Their concept was to split the space into four areas, two for quiet activities and two for noisier activities.  The resulting design shown here provides a wall between quiet and noisy areas providing an environment for individual as well as group activity.  A reading room and electronics lab are in the quiet area while a student lounge and collaborative area are on the other side.

We used a collaborative team approach to make decisions about floor plan, furniture, color, and organizing the space to support multiple uses.  The scale model and furnishings were built over three days with the group meeting for three hours each day.  The students also learned to use the textile and laser cutting facilities at TechShop.  They will now present their concept to a panel of judges competing with plans developed by other student groups.

Good luck with the design Tigers!  We really enjoyed spending time with you and hope you had fun.