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By Craig Caesar, 04/01/2016 - 22:25

Welcome to MakerMakers.  I founded this site on April 1st 2016 and am excited to introduce the idea of MakerMakers to you.  My mission is to educate, and assist educators with reaching, students with an affinity for STEM related disciplines. These disciplines include; Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. 

The root of all things creative are deeply set in each of these disciplines.  I am passionate about every one of them and my mission is to provide high quality STEM related content for educators and people interested in the Maker movement.  Let's start a conversation if you are part of a home school community, school district, private school, scouting program, or are a parent like me that loves to introduce exciting new things directly to their kids. 

These materials and concepts are designed to attract and inspire our next generations of leader in the areas of science, engineering, the arts, and teaching.  I am releasing my first course of 20 classes called "Arduino Bambino" over this summer 2016.  I'll also publish a companion book and educators guide later this year.  Classes will be forming and available online starting in July so let us know you are interested, support our kickstarter campaign, and sign up for classes when they become available!

These classes are organized around three main themes:

  1. Making light and sensing light
  2. Making sound and sensing sound
  3. Making motion and sensing motion.

The classes include specific projects designed to explore these areas using inexpensive open design computing platforms.  Students install the Arduino development environment and start coding in C++ in the very first class.  They will gain theoretical understanding of electronic components and practical hands on experience with assembling them into working circuits.  They will also get to keep the Arduino and components to use in other projects and inventions!

MakerMakers is building a community of educators that will share experience with the curriculum and ideas for encouraging creative thought associated with the projects.  Students are also encouraged to share their thoughts on how to attract their peers into exploring STEM related disciplines.  Check out the MakerMakers blog to read insights from the perspective of students and educators. 

If you would like to participate in the conversation, send your request to join MakerMakers.com along with a bit of information about yourself related to STEM disciplines.

Keep on making makers you maker makers!!