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MakerMakers Featured as Spotlight Table at Missouri Venture Forum Breakfast

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BambinoMakerMaker Maker
By Craig Caesar, 08/05/2016 - 14:17

MakerMakers was featured as one of two spotlight companies at this morning's MVF breakfast along with cloud based drone management startup AirZaar.  It was a timely appearance because Chris Ruzicka with TechShop was the speaker and he presented on TechShop's future as part of the St. Louis Cortex Innovation Community.  He painted an exciting picture of the Maker movement in general and specifically here in St. Louis!  Techshop is scheduled to open in August 2016.  MakerMakers is a TechShop member and will participate in the upcoming Murmuration festival.  Check us out in the Maker Expo.

I enjoyed meeting attendees at the spotlight table and appreciated their positive feedback and enthusiam for MakerMakers.  I secretly snuck in some pre-production footage for my upcoming Kickstarter campaign on the table (embedded at the end of this article).  Several Arduino Bambinos were demonstrated with projects ranging from cycling through 16 Million colors, to making music, sensing the environment, and robotics. 

I also had a chance to meet Edward Domain and thank him for promoting the St. Louis startup community.  He inspired me to pursue the idea of MakerMakers and to check out OPO Startups in Old Saint Charles.  I saw his interview with Megan McKissen promoting OPO's "Try it Tuesday" on his show "The Domain Report" on PBS KETC Channel 9.  I watched the show on Wednesday, put a placeholder on my calendar for the following Tuesday, met Megan and joined OPO on the spot.  It is a beautiful facility brimming with opportunity to collaborate with world class entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors. 

St. Louis offers an embarrassment of riches for entrepreneurs through OPO, T-Rex, Cortex, and TechShop.  St. Louis is my hometown, OPO is my home office, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be part of the maker movement and startup scene in St. Louis.  Thanks again to Edward Domain, Bruce Hoskins, and Missouri Venture Forum for supporting the St. Louis startup ecosystem and for spotlighting MakerMakers at the event!